Inspiration for Final Documentary

My Favorite Picture of You


In this documentary I really like how they filmed and how they put their clips together and using old family films. I like the voice over of the two main people and how they reflected back on their lives. They found some really cool old footage and I like how they found old photographs too and zoomed in on her after showing the whole photograph. They also explain a lot and show the photographs of what they were talking about. I like the voice over, but I would like to see who she is now and get a whole story about them

I chose this because of the uniqueness and the different techniques they used throughout the video. I like how they incorporated old photographs and of home movies. I would like to see if I am capable of using some of those as well. Watching this film I was able to see some techniques they used as well as how they transitioned their way through the film, having lots of short clips all in a row to show a time period that has passed as well as whats going on around them. I want more recent footage of my grandma as well as her whole life story instead of asking specific things about if she remembered what because I wouldn’t know that, I want to know her whole story and she still remembers every detail of it and It would be nice to have and share with the family.

Video Project Summary

Jordan and Travis<-Link

In this 3-5 minute video story I captured a new relationship that started at Cazenovia College. I did an interview with the couple of how they started dating and what about each other that they fell in love with. For the Broll footage I got them interacting with each other at the lake as well as in the interview when they were just being them in their own little world. For the background music I had Jordan the girl in the story sing and play the piano so there are clip in the beginning of her playing and singing.

I chose this particular story because I wanted to work on a love story and to really work on my camera movements and transitions into one clip and onto another. I see a lot of wedding videos from being a second shooter at weddings and I wanted to see how it worked. I also want to practice for my final documentary project which is the life story of my grandma, and I thought it would be helpful to know more about camera movements and interactions between people and how to capture that integration. Overall I think I did pretty well with my camera movements and creating interactions, but I need to work on audio more, there is noises that happen that I don’t like and I would like to work on editing a little more to make the video more smooth along with the audio.

Photo in the News

Farm-to-hotel: 10 resorts that grow their own food<- link


Article By: Allison Tibaldi

Photographers unknown

This article is about hotel and resorts that have their own gardens. It’s not just happening at hotels located near fields with room for big gardens and fields, Urban properties like Crosby Street are getting into it as well with vertical, raised and rooftop gardens. These 10 hotels are upping the freshness ante, hoping guests will appreciate the quality of house-grown vegetables and their lighter carbon footprints stated in the article. There 10 hotels are The Lodge at Woodloch, Hawley, Pennsylvania, Blackberry Farm, Walland, Tennessee, Crosby Street Hotel, New York, Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort, Florida, Congress Hall, Cape May, New Jersey, Woodstock Inn & Resort, Vermont, Fairmont San Francisco, California, Chablé Resort and Spa, Chochola, Yucatan, Mexico, Petit St. Vincent, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Nita Lake Lodge, Whistler, British Columbia. Each of these hotel and resorts have their own unique home grown specialty that makes them stand out from others.

I believe that these photographs help show the uniqueness of these places and shows what these hotel and resorts have to offer that others don’t. These photographs help market the company and show the uniqueness of the company to their competitors as well as to their marketers. It gives them a leg up because stye are healthy and growing and creating their own food to serve to their customers. Without these photographs you wouldn’t be able to see the freshness and how the gardens are set up with the different surrounding areas and the different ways to have a garden for a hotel/resort.


Photo in the News



CNN<- Link

Article By: Brandon Sneed

Photographer: Susan Johnson

This article was about the story of Kyle Johnson who is the starting left fielder for the Triple-A Las Vegas 51s. In this article it explains what Kyle fought for and he did what agents have been advising minor leaguers not to do, at least not if they want anything to do with the bigs ever again, but Kyle had just become the first active minor leaguer to publicly declare his part in an ongoing class-action lawsuit against Major League Baseball over unfair wages and unjust labor practices, stated in the article. In five years as a minor leaguer, including his time in Triple-A, Kyle Johnson has never been paid more than $11,500 a season by a baseball team. This article states that his first paycheck for two weeks of work was about $420 and that back home, old college classmates were starting their careers in finance, pulling down $60,000 a year. By the end of his first season as a pro ballplayer, Kyle had made maybe $2,500. Kyle did the math. His salary worked out to around $35 per game, maybe 12 bucks an hour. He ended up getting released and not playing anymore because they wouldn’t give him anymore money and he couldn’t provide for his family.

These photographs helped the story because it showed that family came first even though becoming a major league baseball player was his dream job, his family came first and thats what these photographs show. It shows his beautiful family, his wife and two daughters. Without these photographs of the family, it wouldn’t be as meaningful of why he was fighting for a raise, why he’s spending money on a lawsuit when he doest have much after paying for daycare, food, and other things within the league itself.

Inspiration Artists ~ Alt

Horst Diekgerdes

Horst Diekgerdes is a German photographer who started his professional career in Paris before moving to London. He has been Working internationally across the UK, Europe, the US and Asia he is currently based between Paris and Zurich. His work is regularly featured in publications including: Interview, Vogue UK, Vogue Spain and Vogue Japan, Interview Germany, Teen Vogue and GQ Style, and many many others.

To me his work is very edgy and I wanted to push more on the fashion and edgy look to my images, I also think that his images have a timeless modernity feel to them. I like the studio and the clean background along with the clean lighting. I am also going to be using studio lighting for this project instead of using natural lighting. I can go really drastic with the lighting or I can have the same approach as him and use a pretty even lighting on the models.

Mario Sorrenti

Mario Sorrenti  is a photographer  and a director  best known for his spreads of nude models in Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar magazines. He was born on October 24, 1971 in Naples, Italy and lived in New York City from the age of 10. His mother, Francesca Sorrenti, was a advertiser and his father was a painter. On the Vogue website it states that “Growing up, he developed a taste for film, photography, and painting”. At the end of the 1980s, Mario met director Phil Bicker, who helped him get into the fashion world.  He signed his first advertising campaign with Calvin Klein soon after.

His work is also a little edgy and the idea I am going for in this last project. His nude black and white photographs that he captured with talent and skill of knowing angles and knowing how the body of the model acts towards the light. The photographer described his collection as a tribute to the natural beauty of a women’s figure. He really knows how to set the lighting up as well as how to position the models. I want to work on more complete poses instead of the same basic poses and composition.

Video Inspiration Artist

Jacquelyn Daley Parnell<-Link


Jacquelyn Daley Parnell is a lifestyle cinematographer/wedding and promotional event cinematography out of Rochester NY. She’s focused on all detail and captures the fun and happy moments of families in her lifestyle videos. With this video project the video above is similar to what I want to do with my project, She has videos of the couple outside and being intimate and spending time with each other and then she has the interview and voiceovers of more Broll footage. The interview has them reacting to each others responses and I think for this project it will be fun and interesting to see how they react to each other since they are a new and young couple I’m filming.

I chose this video because of how crisp and how the transitions flow, she’s very professional and I think she’s very talented at what she does. The motivation and purpose of this video is to show who the couple is and to hear about their love story. Her technique in filming is she shoots through a lot of things as well as getting close shots and have them move in and out of the frame making it feel more home movieish while still being professional looking. I chose this because its sort of the path I wanted to try for this project, including interviews while still having just Broll of what makes their relationship interesting and demonstrate who they are individually as well as who they are together.

Final Project Proposal

For this documentary I will be focusing on my grandmas life story and how she came to live in America. I want to focus on my grandma because of all the events she has been through and it would be nice to have and share a video of her story with my family. My grandma means a lot to me and She was born and raised in Denmark and she was there with the war was going on, so she has seen and been through a lot and I want to document her story for others to see and listen to.

Some specific locations that I will be shooting in is the living room of my grandparents home as well as the kitchen and dinning room. These are all family rooms and where my grandma feels most comfortable. I will be able to have her relaxed and be able to tell her story in a location she feels comfortable in.

So the story line will be her telling us her maiden name in danish and then in english as well as who her parents are and her siblings names. Im going to have footage of her pointing to photographs in a phonebook of her siblings as well as her parents and I’m going to have her go on from her childhood to when and where she met my grandpa and to how he asked her to be his wife, to moving to america to having this family that has expanded and now she has 9 grandchildren who I will have in clips of at my grandparents with the whole family there.