Spot News Photo Project


2017 NEAC Swimming and Diving Championship

The 2017 NEAC Swimming and Diving Championships were hosted at the Cazenovia College Schneeweiss Athletic Complex from February 10th through the 12th. The teams that were at this event were the Wildcats of Cazenovia College from Cazenovia, NY, the Bisons of Gallaudet University from Washington D.C., The Express of Wells College from Aurora, NY, The Falsons of Cedar Crest College, PA, and the Fighting Tigers of SUNY Cobleskill from Cobleskill, NY. This will mark the fourth time Cazenovia College has hosted the NEAC Championships since 2009-10.

At the beginning of each day starting at 10am there were preliminary round sessions were they go through all the events to prepare for the 6pm championship rounds where there will be awards between the final events. Sundays championship rounds begin at 5pm because of the final awards and extra awards such as the swimmer of the year (who was a senior from Cedar Crest this year) as well as the coach of the year (who was Bill Houser from Cazenovia College).

I was there to photograph some action shots of the teams as well as be there for the awards and if anything else happened such as the coaches getting in the pool and racing each other on Sunday morning. Im there to capture emotions if someone broke a record or winning the overall event like the Cobleskill Men’s team when they were announced the winners. That reaction is what I’m there to capture as well as the events that led up to it.


Inspiration Artist



This photographers work is what I will need to look at when photographing the NEAC Championships, She gets low to the water to get eye level, she has a fast shutter speed and still has a great exposure which very well have been post work. She was able to freeze the motion of not only the swimmer but the water as well. She captured great expressions of the swimmers. These are all close up portraits of these swimmers which is what I like because It shows the energy of each swimmer, and that exactly what I will need to do, athletes love action shots of themselves so doing this would be very beneficial for not only me, the school and the athlete themselves, but as well as the NEAC Conference.

I chose this work because of how crisp and clear her work is. It relates directly to my project which is about the Swim Championships so it gives me an idea about how to capture the athletes. The angles she uses and the expressions she captures are what the conferences and the schools are wanting to see and use for advertisements and recaps of the weekend. So by looking at her work and doing what she does, I will get the images I will need and the images my viewers will use.

Project Proposal #2

The project I will be doing is Spot News. I will be shooting the Swim Championship which is  hosted campus February 10th, 11th, and 12th. By photographing this event I will be able to photograph the different teams, different events as well as awards. By me photographing these all three days it will allow me to create a story of what happened throughout this event.

I will need to contact the swim coach to see if I’m allowed to photograph the event as well as the NEAC director. Some of the equipment that I will be to prepare will be batteries, flash, camera, lenses, memory cards and research and go to the location of the event to check out the lighting and environment situation. I will need to make sure all of my gear is ready and functioning correctly as well as everything being charged. I need to make sure that I will be available to go and take the time to capture well rounded photographs of the event.

My goal with this assignment is to understand the the and master capturing the moment happening in front of me without changing anything. I want to master the fundamental parts of documentary and photojournalist photography. I will need to make sure I get a good variety of swimmers as well as different angles and different shots( close up, medium, and wide angle). Swimming is a very quick  sport with lots of water and equipment doesn’t like water, but I need to make sure I get the shots I need and that may need lots of shooting to be able to capture the swimmers faces and waiting for the timing of when they take a breadth.

Human Interest

Winning the sledding race against friends.

Elijah Durham, winning the sledding race against friends at dusk, Jan 28, 2017.

Relaxing in the morning before hitting the slopes at Gore Mountain.

Relaxing in the morning before hitting the slopes at Gore Mountain, Jan 28, 2017.

The players confused about the play of the game and is wondering what the call is going to be, Jump Ball or what?

The players of Cazenovia College and Cobbleskill confused about the play of the game, Feb 1st, 2017 (Lost 75-84).

This fresh new snow that was undisturbed over night, now being eaten and played with the next morning.

Jake Wafler intrigued by this fresh new snow that fell overnight.

These four photographs relate to human interest because they show the reactions of a person in an environment. The first one shows that the person was excited about sledding, and how he showed his excitement was through his expression and body language. It shows that no matter how old you are you can still have fun sledding and playing in the snow. That one is a dark photograph to begin with so having his body showing more of his excitement works with this concept, it is blurry but it shows the motion of his excitement.

The second photograph I really like because of the natural and beautiful lighting. It shows him in an environment where he feel comfortable and relaxed. Its a unique composition, but I think it works well because of where I placed him in the frame and what I included within the frame itself. Overall I think that it shows human interest in a unique and timeless way.

The third photograph I find extremely fun because of how unique it is. Even though it is a sports photograph, you hardly ever see something like this in a game. The confused look on their faces and still being able to see the ball is just a great moment captured. I like that for human interest I was able to create a sports photo into something other than an action shot.

The last photograph shows how he feels about snow. It shows his expression of his face and shows the experience he is having. So I feel that these four images related to human interest in some way or another. It could be the the story behind the image that interests people because it describes the experiences or emotions of the person in the photograph.

Over all I think I could have done a lot better, I feel like I was interested in it and there for didn’t take as much time on it that I should have. These are definitely not as strong as I am capable of creating. I also need to work on my captions. I don’t think I put as much effort into those either. I think I need to take more time and focus on my work more, I feel like I’m not interested in this type of photography, but I know I need know how to do it because I never know what I’m going to be asked to photograph in the future.