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Photo shoots capture experiences of families of terminally ill children<–Link

ABC News


Photographer Katie Cartwright


This article was about the story of a family with a terminally ill family member VeronicaCummings, 10, she was born with a genetic condition called Trisomy 13. It talks about how parents of terminally ill children, don’t usually have a professional photographer take photographs of the family because they aren’t typically at the top of the priority list. But the Tiny Sparrow Foundation, which is an organization that matches professional photographers with these families free of charge, took these photographs for the family to remember her by and to have a fun and exciting photoshoot.  ABC News traveled to Richmond, Virginia, to document a Tiny Sparrow photo shoot with the Cummings family.

These images helped with this article because they showed the emotions of the family whether it be sad or exciting. It also showed how this illness affected Veronica as well as the rest of the family. This photoshoot made more of an impact to the story given in the article being able to see how this illness was and who the people actually were in the photograph. Without the images, the people were just names on a page, now the readers are able to put faces to names.

Alt Process Research Proposal

For this research paper and presentation I will be focusing on two contemporary artists that also work with alternative processes and that are working with portraits. These two photographers Harry Taylor and Kristen Hatgi.

Harry Taylor works with wet plates and portraits. He is a Fine Art and Commercial Photographer photographer  who works  with contemporary methods, and Harry works in
the Wet Plate Collodion process, featuring lifestyle, fashion, people, and places. I think that looking through his photographs connect with some of my ideas that I have been working with this semester.

Kristen Hatgi also works with the Wet Plate Collodion process. Her portraits are so simple and romantic.  She likes the handmade qualities of the fingerprints and pour marks, and the unpredictable chemical stains. She’s says that “Along with using a very short depth of field, the graphic qualities of collodion simplify shapes, while not losing detail. Wet plates are unique objects, like paintings. I find the process of making and shooting a plate to be relaxing and enjoyable. It takes about fifteen to twenty minutes to shoot each plate with coating, soaking, setting up a shot, shooting, developing, fixing, washing and then afterward scanning and varnishing.”  This makes her really slow down and make each image count.

Although I am not working with Wet Plate Collodion prints, there work connects to my though imagery, and the fact that they use simple portraiture to show beauty and look at every detail of the images to try and make everything perfect for commercial work.

Video Project Proposal



For this project I am going to make a short video. For this video I would like to do a love/journal like video. I want to make a video of what a girl would be saying and seeing in her head when she’s writing in a journal  and thinking. I will use a voice over through the whole video and have different scenes playing though in, making it into a story line. I will also find background music playing very softly that will go along with what the mood of the story is at that time.

I will need to contact a couple that would like to be apart of this short documentary and I will need to prepare all my equipment as well as the scenes I will want to have within this documentary. I need to layout the storyline and talk to my models about what they are comfortable doing and not doing within this film. The equipment that I need ready is my camera, batteries, memories cards, tripod, and make sure my lens are clean and ready to go.


News Photo

Germany 1-0 England- BBC Sports<–Link

BBC Sports

By Phil McNulty-writer of article, don’t know the photographer

This article was about the soccer teams of Germany and England and how it was a very close game, Germany ended up winning by one goal in the 69th min mark. not only was this a big game but Germany’s striker, Lukas Podolski 31-year-old  was ending his career after 130 caps, 49 goals and a World Cup win in 2014, a goodbye said in some style even apart from his spectacular final goal.

These images helped with this article because they showed the emotions of the fans whether it be sad or exciting. It also showed the expressions of the teams and how Germany  reacted to saying goodbye to their striker. This game had many factors that wouldn’t have been able to explain with the emotions that it had without these photographs in the article to show them.

Environmental Portraits

Eric Welkley is very good at what he does, and that is working with wood. I wanted to portray that within these two images by taking one of him working on wood and the other with something he had built. I think these two images show Eric’s personality as well as what he does because of the environment as well as the task he is doing. With these two images I wish I would have used flash to make the image more contrasty as well as get a greater depth of field to show more of the environment he is working in.

Cody Welkley is a young farmer who has always had farm animals since he was very little and is going to Morrisville in the fall for agriculture and business. I believe that this image shows that he’s not worried about a little dirt on him and that he is a farmer, he loves all animals, and he respects them, even when he is raising them for food. Having him hold the turkey I think helps illustrate that these aren’t just pets, they are animals that he raises for a purpose.

Kathy Welkley is always in the kitchen cooking or baking something and having fun while doing it. She’s always making a mess, but thats why she has so much fun while doing it. Using flash for this photograph helped bring more light on her face while not lighting the background too. I think this shows her personality and shows who she is even if someone didn’t knowing her, they would understand parts of who she is.

Spot News

Rwanda Rugby: Sport helps heal wounds in ‘Land of a Thousand Hills’

By Matt Majendie, for CNN

This article is about how Rugby is helping to heal the emotional trauma of hundreds of people in Rwanda from the post-genocide and the game has played a key role in doing so. Brit volunteer helped bring the game there and support the people who have been going through a hard time and just come together and have fun.

These photograph help show how the game gave the community in Rwanda unity and how they had fun. It captured the overall event from guest speakers, to the actual game, to who the people participating are and how they live. It gave an overall look at the event and showed people who weren’t there what they missed. It is very important to the article that these photographs were incorporated because of who the participants were. They were young kids who have been dealt hard cards, and need to have fun once in awhile and these photographs showed how happy they were to forget about the hard times and just have fun like kids are suppose to.