My Texture


For this texture shoot I chose an orange for the main subject and then I used lemonade mix to make the texture on the surface of the table kind of clumpy and surgery. My emotion or characteristic is Ominous. I chose this because oranges are so bright and colorful but yet the lighting I used is dark and creepy. I also have a knife in this photograph to give it a little more of a spooky feeling. For the lighting in this photograph I used two lights. I used a LED panel for my key light and a LED for my fill. I had both lights on the left side of my camera, my fill more toward the front while my key was more on the side of my subject.  My camera settings were set at, aperture priority mode with an ISO of 400. My white balances was auto and my shutter speed was 1/25 while my aperture was f/10.0.

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