My Lighting Patterns in Portraiture

DSC_7229 edit image1

Rembrant Lighting

In this photo I had the subject sit pretty far away from the background so the shadows wouldn’t be casted and be in the shot. I had key light to the right side and had my subject facing it so I can get the triangle the appears on the left side of the face. For my second light I used a background light to illuminate very slighting around the head to give it a halo effect. I had reflector on the left side of my subject so it would bounce some light onto the left side so it didn’t get to dark, but not to light that it made  the triangle disappear.  I made sure when placing the light that both eyes had catch lights in them while still having the triangle. I had my subject sit up straight and having her body face the light but have her turn her head toward the camera. I also had her drop her from shoulder and have her bring her forehead forward just a touch.


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