My Lighting Patterns in Portraiture

DSC_7411   DSC_7444 image1

Butterfly Lighting

The lighting technique I used in this was a butterfly lighting. I used the boom which had the light over my subjects head that lit her from above and gave them a little shadow under their nose. I placed them away from the backdrop so I didn’t get a shadow from the lighting and I had placed a background light to give the subject and the background more space between them. Im my photographs I made sure that both eyes had a catch light in them and made sure that they were sitting up with their shoulders back. In my sett up image the softbox is on with the modeling light but I didn’t use it in this shoot. I used that light for my split lighting. The overall feel of these images are very soft and makes their skin look very even and pretty. This is why most models use this lighting technique in a photoshoot for women. The only change I would want to try and fix in my photos is the background light. I wasn’t able to really get the effect of the background light and I had tried everything and It didn’t really show up like I had hoped.

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