Full body portraiture

DSC_7819edit    DSC_7733edit DSC_7779edit

In these photographs I used two strobe lights. In the dark background photographs I had both strobes on the right side of my subject. In these photographs I have a high contrast on my subject but I still get some detail on the left side of the face. In the light background I had one strobe on each side of my subject to get a more even light overall. In that photograph I feel like that background wasn’t lit as well as it should have been. It has to many shadows and the horizon line is too noticeable. In the dark background the background is very even and I edited the footprints out which looks better without the footprints. In these photographs the viewer is still able to see the dark shoes against the dark backdrop and the little highlights on the shoes bring out the details a little more. Over all I believe that the darker backdrop turned out better than the light backdrop because of how the backdrop looks in it.

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