Project Proposal

        My project proposal is having a male model and taking photograph that could be used in an advertisement for like Calvin Klein, Abercrombie and Fitch, or in Hollister. I’m going to use the on location strobes to be able to take the model outside of a studio setting and have them work with the location we are in. The function of me doing this is to be able to work with a male model on location with strobes and to show people I can do portraits other than photos you would hand out to family members. I want to be able to show someone that I am mature enough to take pictures that are somewhat sexual in ways, but pleasing to look at.

          The techniques I will be using will be some of the lighting techniques I have learned in the studio, but using on location strobes instead on studio equipment. I will be using split lighting and Rembrandt lighting to make the models facial features stand out more while working with the lighting I already have from the sun and from inside lights. I will place my model is various positions that will show off his body and will define his muscles.

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