Inspiration On Location

Atlantas-Best-Georgia-Senior-Fashion-Pictures-Portraits-Photographer_0040 Tricia-Toker-Photography-Laura-Briscoe-Casey-Arnold-Savannah-Roach-Jennifer-Hite-Styled-Portrait-Shoot-Dance-Shoot-Social-Circle-Georgia-Website-Portfolio_011

Tricia Toker

For this shoot I really like the locations picked. I love in the first photograph how the background is really dark but the model is completely in light. The light coming from the left has a very soft feel to it and the other photograph is very dark and just uses the light more highlights above the model. I really like these two photographs but I would like to use the strobe like the first one and bring out a more even light on the model while still having the natural feel and having the background dark the way it is. I want to have more of a sky scene and have the sky very dramatic like in some of Joey L. photographs.

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