On Location

DSC_8451edit DSC_8563

DSC_8613 DSC_8707edit

photo 1           photo 2           photo 3              photo 4

f-stop 9.0        f-stop 5.6         f-stop 4.5          f-stop 4.2

shutter1/40   shutter1/160   shutter 1/25   shutter 1/25

ISO 200             ISO 200            ISO 200            ISO 200

In these photographs I used one strobe and took my models to a location that I liked. With the top two I placed the strobe where the window light was to make the lighting a little stronger yet still soft enough to where you wouldn’t be able to notice I used a strobe. The bottom two I took in a completely dark barn where I placed the strobe to look like natural lighting when really there was no light anywhere near the model. In all of these photographs I am able to get a lot of details from the contrast. The model is visible and isn’t blending into the background but standing out more because of the strobe. The thing I would change in a coupe of these is the shadow that the strobe created from the model. I feel like its just a little distracting but its not unbearable, I would just like to watch that more as I move forward. I think I positioned my models in ways that show off their features and makes them look attractive. Over all I think I was able to control the lighting and control the overall scene.

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