Daily Routine

Lindsey Welkley

Reflection Paper for Daily Routine

Time Movement Narrative

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Daily Routine Video

In the first video/exercise for the Daily Routine, I made a video of getting dressed in the morning. I chose to shoot the video of getting dressed because there are so many different parts of getting dressed I figured it would be more interesting to the viewer  because you don’t know what kind of clothes they are going to put on and everyone gets dressed differently. Like how they put a shirt on, some people put their arms through the sleeves first and others put their head through and then their arms, there are so many different ways to get dressed and I thought it was an interesting daily routine to make a video out of.

I tried to use all of the techniques we learned about in class to be able to get a feel for them, but some of them worked better than others for me. So in the video I used tilt, following my subject, pan, focus shift, throwing the focus, and made sure I had lots of different angles/perspectives. After I edited the different parts of the video to make it into one, I discovered that I didn’t do so well at throwing the focus or focus shift because of how hard it was to me to figure out when or on what objects to use these techniques on. I however figured out that I liked the video a lot more after I put all the parts and clips together to make a 1 minute video. When I was just looking at the clips one by one I couldn’t put it together in my head so I thought it was going to be horrible, but after putting them together it gave me a whole different view on what it became of.

The part I was most proud of was the lighting and the different angles of the part of my video when my subject was putting their belt on. The lighting was so soft and how I shot and put the clips together they just went so well together and I am very proud of that part. I could improve on really thinking about every component before making the video. It was really hard but I think mapping it out would help and maybe I would have shot more clips and made better clips of throwing the focus and using the focus shift.

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