Music video

Inspiration Video – I really like this music video because of the dancing, The dancing makes it so beautiful and romantic. This music video is conceptual, but has a relationship to the song by having a narrative in the dance. Special effects that are used in this music video wasn’t don’t after shooting but during shooting because there was camera effects like following. Over all the music video was at the same distance from the subject and just focused on the dance and the emotion that is created by the dance. Dancing is a really romantic thing to do with someone and this music video makes the song come to life. Its not a direct interpretation of  the lyrics, but it goes so well with music and is very fluent together.

In my music video I want to use clips of dancing in it along with other videos of nature and landscape shots. I think putting these two types of clips together are going to make this video come to life. Im going use Emma as my dancer and I’m going to have her use a choreography  she used last year. I’m going to record her at different angles and only use parts of her dance  and combining recordings of different scenery around where I live including scenes in a cemetery on the computer and make a lot of the video using effects to really make the music come to life. The song I’m going to use in called Concrete Angel by Martina McBride.

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