Music Video

Lindsey Welkley

Music Video Evaluation

Time Movement Narrative

For this music video I used the song Concrete Angel, by Martina McBride and created the visuals for it. The techniques I used while shooting the video was composition, I through the focus and I focused on perspective and framing. All of these techniques helped in creating the base line of the video and then coming into editing it gave me somewhere to start. Some of the techniques I used while editing was cutting and slowing down all the clips to flow better with the song. I also put in transitions and overlaid some of the dancing with scenery to create a more of a heavenly feel to it.

I established a visual rhythm to carry the viewer though the piece and to connect it to the song by following the tempo of the song by slowing everything down a lot and by making the lighting very soft and connect with the feeling of the song. I shot the dancing in front of the sunset and makes it very angelic.

The things I am most proud of is the lighting in the videos. I have created feel for the video by the way the lighting is in it and it makes it very strong. I am very happy that I went though with having a dancer in the music video even though it was-2 degrees while I was doing it. I almost decided to do the dancing inside somewhere, but I’m very glad I decided to stick with my original idea. Some of the things I would improve would be to use a tripod to get rid of camera shake, have more footage of her dancing and different angles of her dancing.

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