Found Footage

My Video

In this video I have made from finding footage online, I have created a video with a message about abortion. I didn’t want to have all the nasty, bloody video clips that I found, I wanted to concentrate on the pros of not aborting the baby, like fun times and smiles and how cute the baby is.

I found tons of clips and pictures of babies and also of pregnant women on YouTube and decided to use those. Along with these clips I found audio footage of women who have had an abortion and took their words and overlaid it with the pictures of the babies so you can listen to how much they have regretted aborting their baby.

I am proud of the beginning of my video and how I lined up the beat of the music with the clip. I think it makes it really strong and I wish I could have done it though more of the video, but I didn’t think it went well throughout the video. Something that I would like to improve is the transition between the audio from Darcy and the music. It feels very choppy to me and that’s one thing I don’t like about my found footage clip and also that Dracy’s audio has music in it that I can’t get out.

Overall I think this video turned out pretty well. I would have liked to have more audio of other women speaking but it didn’t fit right and the way I have it now felt smoother and less jumpy without the clips and audio of the other women.


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