Dream Video Proposal

For this dream Video I will be using my player piano to create the music and be able to have the video footage of the keys playing by themselves, this will start the mood of the video. The mood I am trying to go for is a spooky and creepy feeling.  Some other clips I will have will be videos of woods and railroad tracks that I will follow down and it ends up coming to a packing storage, I’m going to have clips of my grandmas attic which is very dark and has lots of mannequins and other odds and ends and there are very weird and creepy old pictures that will help with the feeling. The last clips I’m going to have will be of chimney bluffs and I’m going to walk down the cliff, but end of spending it up to make it look like you’re falling down it and end with a shot of the rocks at the bottom with no movement but the water and all you can hear is the water against the rocks. For these clips I’m going to only have short quick seconds of each, but ill keep going back to the same places where something changed or you see something new in the environment.

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