Dream Inspiration Video


This clip in the movie divergent focuses on the fear of dying. All these clips focuses of different ways of dying and I like how in this movie this character “Tris” knows that she is dreaming and somehow figures out a way to get around the scary parts of the dream like running out of air as the water gets higher, but she always figures out a different way to get around the scariest part of the dreams. In this clip its watching someone else go through the dreams and I want to do one in first person, but I want to maybe incorporate some of the ways they movie the camera and the angles along with the idea of knowing its a dream and finding ways to get out of it but at the end of mine I’m not going to enforce that idea of it just being in a dream. Also Im not going to have many other sounds besides the player piano music. I do like the sound effects of the birds or of her talking underwater and many other effects that I wouldn’t be able to do, but just the idea of it I think is so inspiring.



This video really inspires me because I like how its in first person and I really like how its sped up and taking you around the house. I would really like to add some of that into my piece to keep bringing back something to tie my piece together in a way. I like the narrative because of the way it makes it more spooky because of the dark voice and what he’s talking about but I like just the music too, the music itself makes it scary in the sense of you not really knowing whats going to happen. You aren’t sure if something might jump out in front of you or if you really are just being “chased” by something. You never really know and I think using something like this in my video could really benefit my dream video.

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