Gum Bichromate Inspiration Artist


Billy Mabrey is the artist I chose for my artist inspiration. I really like his work because of the way used different colors to create the image as a whole. I love night photography and I think I want to do night photography for this project. I couldn’t find much on how he created these images exactly but it kind of looks like he separated the colors in the negative to get the yellow lines on the road, and in the other image “Fog and Moon”  the lights in the background really show the different colors in the image, but then I found that it is something called free form. Free-form gum printing I found out takes full advantage of gum printing’s hands on nature. The freshly exposed layer is very delicate while they are developing in the water and by it being this way it allows the artist to use a brush, finger, or some other tool to wipe or scrape away areas of the image. After getting the hang of just a single color print I would like to try the free form printing process to be able to pick and choose what colors I want what instead of separating the colors in the computer. I like how this process is more hands on and gives to artist more freedom and has more of the artists hand in the work and gives each work a unique feel to them.

Billy Mabrey I am 33 years old, and he lives just outside of Dallas in the City of Grapevine, Texas. He is a 2005 graduate of Southern Methodist University with a B.F.A. in studio art, and a concentration mostly in Photography and Printmaking. He is a art instructor for Monart School of Art in Keller now and he has many interests including music performance and recording, cosmology and astrophysics, mathematics, aquariums, aviation, and of course photography and art. He started making gum bichromate prints during college when he learned the process. He found the gum printing difficult at first, but the challenge kept him wanting to perfect it and soon found it to be a unique and flexible medium that is easily manipulated to his personal desires of artistic expression. It is a gum bichromate print’s blend of technical skill and artistic freedom that has kept him working with it ever since.


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