Dream Video

Lindsey Welkley

Dream Project

Reflection Paper

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Some of the techniques I used in this video project was following, panning and I also had a different perspective than my own height. For this dream project I interpreted as making it so there are parts that are missing and parts that aren’t as clear as others. By using some of the techniques like the different perspective I was able to create a different feeling, editing also helped with the dream feeling because I was able to use editing techniques like solarization and being able to flip the whole video upside down to make it even more unrealistic.

My footage progresses throughout the video by sound effects and where you are in the house. The narrative takes you from the first floor to the attic and then back to the first floor where you find the old lady hanging on the wall. I am proud of the video footage and the effects I was able to put into my video to make it creepy and dream like. I would improve the sound effects because I feel like I should have them speed up when the video starts to get more intense but then again I like how its all sounds that I took out of each of the videos to make it more natural and make it seem like its suppose to be there.

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