Liquid Light Inspiration Artist

By: Svetlana Myslyvets

Guy Paterson


Lindsey Welkley

Alternative Process

Liquid Light Inspiration

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

I decided to do my inspiration artist on Guy Paterson because his images really stood out to me by the way they are so contrasty. His blacks are dark and his lights are light, his images don’t look flat at all, not like I have been getting, but I couldn’t find very much information about Guy Paterson only that he has been teaching both Alternative Photographic Processes and Cameraless Photography for over 15 years at Central St. Martins and other places in the United Kingdom. When not teaching you will usually find him in his studio is in Hackney, East London.

He has printed and used other alternative processes besides Liquid light including Cyanotype, Vandyke and Gum Bichromate. While experimenting with liquid light he printed on paper, canvas and glass. When he printed on canvas I noticed after researching a little more on it, it usually falls off it more and breaks because the canvas is so flimsy, but the photographs of his liquid light on paper came out amazing. The detail he got in the portrait of the girls are just incredible. The highlights in the hair and on the face as well as the details in the shadow areas. The coating of the paper is very nice and even and not to many streaks, but I personally like the streaks in the process, because it gives a little more character to the image.

In this project my goal is to create images that are contrasty and provides lots of details in my final image like Guy Paterson. I will be using portraiture for this project to hopefully produce something similar to his images.


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