Inspiration For Final Project

Scott Evers

Scott is a professional freelance photographer specializing in nature, wildlife, landscapes, and travel photography. As a freelance photographer Scott has done commercial photography work for Interior Designers, Architects, Contractors, and Artists. Besides doing freelance contract work, he does photographic restorations for clients. His work has appeared in newspapers and magazines. Scott has won honorable mention awards from photography contests for the National Parks Foundation, Encyclopaedia Britannica, and The Nature Conservancy. Scott also uses his photography skills to donate many of his photographs to worthy charitable causes.

I really like Scotts work and I would like to use some of his landscape photographs for inspiration for my final project. He captures the beauty and the amazing colors that nature has and all his shots have amazing skies and everything is in focus. For my final I am going to be taking photographs of some of the farm lands around my hometown and try to capture the beauty even though my town isn’t always the most beautiful. My town is very old and run down, but its one of the most beautiful places to me and the farms around the town is what keeps my town running and I want to capture the importance and the beauty in the farms even if its sometimes smelly, muddy and gross.



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