Self Reflection #1

Lindsey Welkley

Self Reflection #1

Intermediate Studio

Monday, September 26, 2016

This first project started a little rough, my first shoot in the studio didn’t turn out anything like I wanted, and because of that I got a little frustrated. The first shoot was more of a test run with how I wanted the lighting and seeing what the fabric looked like. In this first shoot I used a fabric that was in the studio already and I didn’t like how it wasn’t as transparent as the one in my final photographs. Another issue I had in the first shoot was the trigger for the strobe would fire without me wanting it to and then it wouldn’t go off when I did want it to, so I got really frustrated with that and didn’t stay in the studio as long as I probably would have liked to.

The second shoot I did I had fabric that brought and it looked amazing in the photos. I really liked what I saw in the first two test shots and got pretty excited. I used different triggers this time and they worked a ton better and there wasn’t any random fires but there were a couple times where it didn’t go off when I wanted it too, but that happens every once in a while anyway. I really liked the movement I ended up getting in my final photographs and they are 100x better than my first shoot.

This project had me realize that I’m pretty good at setting up the lighting and having the background completely black, but I need to wok on either bouncing some light on the other side of the figure or maybe adding another light somewhere to bring out just a little more detail on the one side. I have learned that you have good days and bad days in the studio and if you are doing self portraits you really need to be in the state of mind of being photographed and really knowing what you want. I also learned that I really don’t use other color backdrops in the studio and I think for the next project I might think about using a different color to change it up a little bit.

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