Max Eremine

He writes “what one finds beautiful, someone else might find boring, or even repugnant. This body of work features portraits of professional models, who probably perfectly fit the accepted standard of beauty as portrayed in mainstream media. However, their faces in these images are obscured, and you have the opportunity to fill in the blanks with your subjective perception of beauty instead. What you see is different from what anyone else sees. I believe this approach transcends the actual appearance of the models or even the intention of the artist, and makes each of these images a psychological mirror.” The way he creates light and only shows parts of the models is what I want to achieve in this project. The way he is so in control of the lighting make them even more amazing. I want to be able to create the work he creates but as self portraits to make it even more challenging. I want to know where the light will hit without me having to watch and see before taking the photograph. I want to be in full control. Max uses two lights in the first photograph, one has a backlight and one on her face making the light streak across her face and the side of her arm.

Manda Kempthorne

Manda is a freelance photographer with a passion for design and beautiful light. She focuses on people, music and architecture and the work that caught my eye were these two photographs. I love the way she focuses on the light in these two and it really creates an amazing feeling in each of them. The first one creates amazing backlight that gives the model a nice even rim lighting and the way the smoke picks up light is just beautiful. Since she is a freelance photographer I couldn’t really find much on her or her concept on any of her work.

These two photographer really know how to control the light in the studio and thats exactly what I would like to achieve in this project. I want to try some more complex lighting with more than one light, maybe some back lighting and really focus on whats being lit up and whats not. I want to have a really strong contrast and really be in control. I think its very beneficial for me as a photographer to really know everything I can about  lighting and different lighting techniques and thats what I’m going to try and achieve.

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