Self Reflection #2

Lindsey Welkley

Sarah Cross

Self-Reflection for Project #2

November 1, 2016



This project was technically difficult because of all the elements that were in play and the type of lighting I wanted to use. I ended up going to the studio two or three times because each time I went I found something else I wanted to change or try and each time I went back it got stronger and stronger.

The low key lighting that I used was very difficult because you really needed to place the light in the right spot and you needed to make sure that the body was positioned right as well as having enough detail in the shadows. I first started with having clothes on and just doing headshot and focusing where the light hit and really only wanting little parts of the face to show up, for example wanting the light to look like it was coming from a door that was slightly opened and having that been of light go across the face only revealing one eye, but it didnt feel right to me, it felt to boring. To me it was missing something and I wasn’t sure if it was the lighting or the fact it was only head shots, but I didn’t really like it so, I booked the studio again and tried a different way and I did more of the body but still clothed. It was turing out alright, but I felt like I was missing the softness and elegance of the image and this lighting technique to me felt more elegant than anything, so again I went back and looked at inspiration photographs and decided to try more nude photographs. As soon as I started I saw a huge difference in the way the light fell on the body and I really liked how it look.

After figuring out what I liked I got more down to the lighting and where it was falling and more of the little details. Doing self portraits without tethering is very difficult and I would like to try to tether and see it in live feed and see how much stronger these images could have been or what my next project could become. I really want to still focus on lighting techniques because I have learned a lot and I can see already from the first two projects a huge different in my lighting from a one light to two lights at different strengths and I really enjoyed figuring the lighting situation out even though it got a little frustrating at times when I couldn’t quite get what I wanted.

Im hoping for next project to be capable of creating more diversity within my series with the lighting but also somehow keep then similar so they still look cohesive. I think that the photographs were all a little too similar, in my poses for the most part, but then I was thinking about the poses and I think its not that I’m too conservative I think its more that I am like that everyday, I’m always having my arms close to my body and always trying to be the smallest I can be, so I want to see what my next project will be and maybe by tethering it will help me see what poses I will like and focus on where the lighting is hitting the body.

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