Proposal #3

For my third project I want to use motion in the studio. I want to try to capture the beauty of both the human body’s figure and its motion all in one. I will be trying new lighting techniques to see what will work best for motion and the amount of motion I want to portray within the image. I would love to have so much motion that the body itself turns into just a figure within the frame.

For the lighting in this series of work, I will be using trying multiple lighting situations including trying a light from above as well as a little backlight. I will be using a long shutter to create as much movement as possible with the body. I wont be needing a ton of light because of the long shutter, but I do want to illuminate the subject in a professional and beautiful way. I would like to see what butterfly lighting will look like with the motion of the subject in play as well as seeing what lighting works best for this project. My goal is to control the amount of motion in my shots and what my lighting looks likes within the blur of the subject.

Shinichi Maruyama

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