Inspiration Post

Shinichi Maruyama

I looked at her artist statement and it said that she tried to capture the beauty of both the human body’s figure and its motion.The figure in the image, which is formed into something similar to a sculpture or an abstract image, is created by combining 10,000 individual photographs of a dancer. “By putting together uninterrupted individual moments, the resulting image as a whole will appear to be something different from what actually exists. With regard to these two viewpoints, a connection can be made to a human being’s perception of presence in life.”

So her work as a lot of post work to them, and lots of photographs, but I think I could create something similar, but I would have to using a continuous light and a long shutter to see if I can get the fluent motion instead of using a strobe and getting the stopped blurr motion in them. I just really want to play with how abstract I can make the image and how the body looks to be moving within the image, similar to Shinichi Maruyama “Nude” work. Bill Wadman’s is the more or less w

hat I will probably be producing in the studio. I couldn’t find if he used a strobe or a continuous light with his project, but I will hopefully get the chance to create beautiful images like both of these artists.

Bill Wadman’s

Bill Wadman’s long-exposure ‘Motion’ project has been featured in Popular Photography, Eloquence, and PhotoYou magazines as well as on The Huffington Post. His conceptual portrait work has been shown in both solo and group exhibitions throughout the US and Canada. Wadman’s photographs possess a painterly quality, as the ethereal bodies of the dancers produce a saturated blur over time which was stated in the Huffington Post. Yet precise, highly defined features emerge from the flurry of movement in the photographs, revealing muscular appendages and impossible angles. Wadman recently experimented with this project, capturing dizzying snapshots of dancers in motion. Using a slow shutter speed, he was able to document several moments and dramatic dance moves.


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