Reading #3

Lindsey Welkley

Reading summary #3

BTS: Using Shutter Drag to Shoot Motion-Blurred Photos of Dancers

What I learned from this article is that motion photography is a lot about luck. Its a lot of testing what lighting works and what movements work and when to take the shot. Although this article uses strobe while I’m not going to, I found it helpful knowing the setup, how to frame the shot, and seeing the end results of the images that were created.

In this article states that “The key to getting clean results here was to not only be able to control the flashes that would be responsible for freezing the action but also the ambient tungsten lights that would be able to help us create the motion blurs from the bodies of the dancers.” So how they created this was setting the lights up from both above the models as well as on each side so it’s well lit, and yet having no light at all hitting the backdrop.

So this article also briefly talked about the camera settings and it was said to set the aperture and shutter speed in such a way that you can still have the background black while capturing the visible motion blur. After that It just says its all about testing and playing until you get the setting you like and the outcome that looks best to you. Its all about luck and skill and its going to take lost of patience and time, but I think it will be worth it if I am able to get the results that I am hoping for.


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