Proposal- Project #1

The project I will be doing is Human Interest. I will be shooting activities around campus such as the comedian and pet mobile. Going to these will allow me to get real reactions from people that are truly enjoying themselves in their environment while being caught up  in the moment.

I will need to contact the comedian to see if I’m allowed to photograph them as well as the pet owners to make sure that they don’t mind me photographing their animals and to make sure they aren’t scared of flash if I end up needing it. Some of the equipment that I will be to prepare will be batteries, flash, camera, lenses, memory cards and research and go to the location of the event to check out the lighting and environment situation. I will need to make sure all of my gear is ready and functioning correctly as well as everything being charged. I need to make sure that I will be available to go and take the time to capture well rounded photographs in the environment without anything being too distracted but also without changing/ moving and interfering with the story that is happening.

My goal with this assignment is to understand the the and master capturing the moment happening in front of me without changing anything. I want to master the fundamental parts of documentary and photojournalist photography, by not over shooting, but shooting enough to be able to tell a story with the images I have captured as well as focusing on the whats going on within the frame and the composition I should use and what parts of I should include within the frame and what parts I should crop out of the frame.

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