Inspiration Post #1

Joey L<- Link

Joey L is a photographer born in Canada and a director based in Brooklyn, New York. Since the age of 18 and he is now 27, Joey’s work has been consistently asked by advertising clients such as Lavazza for their 2016 calendar, National Geographic, U.S. Army, Canon, Jose Cuervo, Summit Entertainment, History Channel, The Government of Abu Dhabi, and many, many others. He has photographed a number of recognizable faces including Jennifer Lawrence and two-time Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas to name a couple. His work is regularly seen in magazines, subway advertisements, and billboards.

His own curiosity is his motivation and keeps him wanting to see and do more with his talent. His purpose is to show everyone whats going on in other parts of the world in sometimes posed photographs and others as human interest and just being in the moment and capturing whats happening around him. He uses flash a lot to make a bigger contrast in his photographs and to create a more drastic look to the photos. I chose Joey’s as an inspirational photographer because of how young he is and how successful he has become with the work he creates. His work is amazing by the way he sometimes shows the environment in some and in others makes the person the most important part so gets a close up. He knows his angles and knows his shots like is he needs the wide shot or if he needs a medium or even the close up ones. His work is just amazing and he creates images that you can look at for longer than 30 seconds and thats why I chose him as an inspiration photographer.



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