Alt. Inspiration


Anna Hutch



This is Anna Hutchison photography and I chose her because on the use of natural lighting. I also chose this because of how it is relating to my first project of the semester. I want bright lighting and images that are taken out of a moment. Granted these are pretty posed, but they fall into what I want to create within my project. Her work is creative and beautiful, from the subject matter to the lighting, composition to even the wardrobe selection on her models. I like the idea of creating fashion photography within the photograph of these moments that she is said to be a western boudoir session.

Hutchisons has a business called Hutch & Futch where she is traveling with Nick Futch. They are a couple from NW Arkansas and they both photograph and use video for families, ceremonies, musicians, lifestyle and more. She is a full time wedding and portrait photographer who also spend a good part of her year shooting and traveling the country. Although she isn’t a major photographer, I think her ideas and photographs are very inspirational and I really like the western styled boudoir session, its very unique and it gives a new feel to them.



Shannon Greer


These are Shannon Greer’s lifestyle work. I really like how she sues natural lighting and captures still moments of a motion. She poses but also has the still of a movement to them and I really like that. Her photos are very pretty in the sense of lighting and environment. She works with the environment and different angles and how she frames the subject within the frame.

Her work is very inspirational by how she uses the environment and different lifestyles to create works of art that is interesting to look at. Her work is similar to what I want to do in my project by how she captures moments inside of a movement. Its not fully posed but its in the middle of a movement within the pose itself. I like that its not just pose move pose move pose move, its once fluent motions where the model is never fully still, but instead always giving the photographer a different movement and different look, even if its just the slightest little movement, no photo on the camera is the same, there is always some little movement different within the frame, and thats what I want to do.

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