Inspiration Artist



This photographers work is what I will need to look at when photographing the NEAC Championships, She gets low to the water to get eye level, she has a fast shutter speed and still has a great exposure which very well have been post work. She was able to freeze the motion of not only the swimmer but the water as well. She captured great expressions of the swimmers. These are all close up portraits of these swimmers which is what I like because It shows the energy of each swimmer, and that exactly what I will need to do, athletes love action shots of themselves so doing this would be very beneficial for not only me, the school and the athlete themselves, but as well as the NEAC Conference.

I chose this work because of how crisp and clear her work is. It relates directly to my project which is about the Swim Championships so it gives me an idea about how to capture the athletes. The angles she uses and the expressions she captures are what the conferences and the schools are wanting to see and use for advertisements and recaps of the weekend. So by looking at her work and doing what she does, I will get the images I will need and the images my viewers will use.

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