Spot News Photo Project


2017 NEAC Swimming and Diving Championship

The 2017 NEAC Swimming and Diving Championships were hosted at the Cazenovia College Schneeweiss Athletic Complex from February 10th through the 12th. The teams that were at this event were the Wildcats of Cazenovia College from Cazenovia, NY, the Bisons of Gallaudet University from Washington D.C., The Express of Wells College from Aurora, NY, The Falsons of Cedar Crest College, PA, and the Fighting Tigers of SUNY Cobleskill from Cobleskill, NY. This will mark the fourth time Cazenovia College has hosted the NEAC Championships since 2009-10.

At the beginning of each day starting at 10am there were preliminary round sessions were they go through all the events to prepare for the 6pm championship rounds where there will be awards between the final events. Sundays championship rounds begin at 5pm because of the final awards and extra awards such as the swimmer of the year (who was a senior from Cedar Crest this year) as well as the coach of the year (who was Bill Houser from Cazenovia College).

I was there to photograph some action shots of the teams as well as be there for the awards and if anything else happened such as the coaches getting in the pool and racing each other on Sunday morning. Im there to capture emotions if someone broke a record or winning the overall event like the Cobleskill Men’s team when they were announced the winners. That reaction is what I’m there to capture as well as the events that led up to it.


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