Alt. Inspiration

  • Bruce Weber<-Link

Bruce Weber’s work for Abercrombie and Fitch and Calvin Klein are timeless photographs that relate to everyone. These are in black in white because of the way the companies want to portray their culture and esthetics. On the Abercrombie and Fitch Website it states “Our new brand reflects that confidence and independence of spirit as well as our own dedication to a more diverse and inclusive culture. A&F retains its original pioneering spirit, creating enduring style that continues to evolve, with an optimistic view of the future.” Knowing that and researching more about the company itself helps relate and know why Weber kept them in black and white. Weber said on the that “Sometimes, with black and white you can explore things a little more. But I like them [b&w and color] both equally. I still shoot film and some of the emulsions in color have changed a lot.” I like that he still shoots in film and I like how the photographs turn out because of the soft feel and the timeless look to them, it further connects the relationship of the photographs to the companies mission and culture.

I really like Webers commercial photography because of the way he shows intimate moments but relates them back to the clothes and style of the company. His work also has a really soft and old feel to them making them feel timeless even more. The style and the personality of A&F is Cool/ American/ High Quality/ Fun/ Preppy/ Young/ Exciting/ Casual which then is targeted towards  the ages of 18-23 Males and Females, students who are interested in sports, socializing, going out and music. Middle and upper class income. These are who are in these photographs and thats who the advertisements will bring in.


Janelle Bendychi is a Commercial Photographer for American Eagle Outfitters. Bendychi photographs in color and focuses more on one person and the specific outfit that is being worn and in what environment. She makes the photographs relate to the environment of the company and their culture. American Eagle launched the Aerie Lingerie sub-brand, targeting the American 15- to 25-year-old female demographic.  In addition to lingerie such as a wide variety of bras and other undergarments, the aerie line also sells dormwear, active apparel, loungewear, accessories and sleepwear. According to the companies website Aerie has started a campaign that focuses on promoting their models’ real bodies. This entails their slogan #AerieREAL and adding to their advertisements that models seen have not been retouched. Doing this is a way that they have chosen to take a stand against the use of photo manipulation in media.

I like the fact that these models aren’t retouched or manipulated in anyway shape or form and it gives the photographer more to look for while taking the photograph and makes Bendychi control the shoot more. I like these commercial photographs because of the fact that I can relate to them. These are photographs that looks like they would be taken anywhere that I could be. They are realistic and accommodating to any place in the wold, not just a sunny beach place. I also like how the models look like they are almost in a motion and in a movement and not just posed. It makes them seem more real and shows a realistic view as to how the clothing actually fits on people that would be buying the clothes and accessories.

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