Photo in the News

Threats and Vandalism Leave American Jews on Edge in Trump Era


Jacqueline Larma/Associated Press

NY Times<- Link

This article is about the vandalism of the Jewish Cemeteries in Missouri and Pennsylvania. There have been many threats, as the article states “. . .many of the calls have caused evacuations and bomb sweeps, forcing schoolchildren from classrooms and employees to push cribs full of infants into parking lots. Retirees have been rushed from swimming pools, and offices and streets shut down. The calls have stoked fears that a virulent anti-Semitism has increasingly taken hold in the early days of the Trump administration”. Its said that this is happening because of Trump being elected into office.

This photograph along with the video that is on the website as well, helps with he emotional strings tied to these grave stones. Without these images and the video it wouldn’t be as strong of a story, especially if people didn’t see how much destruction and vandalism these people actually did to these cemeteries. One thing that would help with this story is photographs of Trump, the President taking action and talking about what is happening along with the schools being evacuated for bomb searches. Having these extra photographs I believe would help with letting everyone know how big this actually is instead of just some vandalized cemeteries which is still a crime.

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