Project Proposal #3

For this third project I will be doing Environmental Portraiture. I will be doing this project because I will be home which will allow me to be able to be creative with my subjects and their environment. I will be photographing my brother with his farm animals because he loves being outside and being a farm boy, thats what his plans are for the future, and my mom at work. She is a middle school nurse so I will be able to go into work one day and hang out and photograph her at work and possibly working with students.

I will need to contact my brother and mom to make sure they will both be around as well as the school to make sure its ok for me to come in and photograph, this is where it might be  little hard because I will most likely not be allowed to have students in my photographs because of the restrictions of student protection and rules like that.  Some of the equipment that I will be to prepare will be batteries, flash, camera, lenses, memory cards and go to the location of the shoot to check out the lighting and environment situation. I will need to make sure all of my gear is ready and functioning correctly as well as everything being charged.

My goal for this project is to be able to capture well lit environmental portraiture as well as knowing how to use my flash without making the lighting seem very very different and out of place. I want to master the capturing the elements of the subjects environment as well as the subjects personality and how they feel and react to their environment.

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