Environmental Portraiture Inspiration

Anthony Kurtz<- Link


Anthony Kurtz is a photographer who has captured the environment along with the people in a very clean and honest way. He situates the person within the environment to make the photograph esthetically  pleasing while still portraying the persons personality along with their environment honestly. He’s able to create great composition as well as creating the lighting in a Joey L. like look, creating high contrast photographs and using different angles and poses within the different environments and situations. In his Bio on his website he states that he is an award-winning, Euro-American, commercial, editorial and “art-documentary” photographer based in Berlin (formerly San Francisco). He specializes in environmental portraiture and strives to create beautiful and unexpected photographs of people and the spaces they occupy. Combining both natural light and studio strobes, Anthony sculpts light to create a mood, an atmosphere, a photograph that tells a story and, hopefully, sparks curiosity in the viewer.

I chose his work because of how he sculpted the environment by using strobes as well as the natural lighting making each environment have depth and an interesting feel and unique look. I really like the use of strobes like Joey L. uses as well. I really like how they look and feel. The angles he uses and the natural positioning of the people within the frame is what I would like to create in my environmental portraiture.

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