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Rwanda Rugby: Sport helps heal wounds in ‘Land of a Thousand Hills’

By Matt Majendie, for CNN

This article is about how Rugby is helping to heal the emotional trauma of hundreds of people in Rwanda from the post-genocide and the game has played a key role in doing so. Brit volunteer helped bring the game there and support the people who have been going through a hard time and just come together and have fun.

These photograph help show how the game gave the community in Rwanda unity and how they had fun. It captured the overall event from guest speakers, to the actual game, to who the people participating are and how they live. It gave an overall look at the event and showed people who weren’t there what they missed. It is very important to the article that these photographs were incorporated because of who the participants were. They were young kids who have been dealt hard cards, and need to have fun once in awhile and these photographs showed how happy they were to forget about the hard times and just have fun like kids are suppose to.

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