Environmental Portraits

Eric Welkley is very good at what he does, and that is working with wood. I wanted to portray that within these two images by taking one of him working on wood and the other with something he had built. I think these two images show Eric’s personality as well as what he does because of the environment as well as the task he is doing. With these two images I wish I would have used flash to make the image more contrasty as well as get a greater depth of field to show more of the environment he is working in.

Cody Welkley is a young farmer who has always had farm animals since he was very little and is going to Morrisville in the fall for agriculture and business. I believe that this image shows that he’s not worried about a little dirt on him and that he is a farmer, he loves all animals, and he respects them, even when he is raising them for food. Having him hold the turkey I think helps illustrate that these aren’t just pets, they are animals that he raises for a purpose.

Kathy Welkley is always in the kitchen cooking or baking something and having fun while doing it. She’s always making a mess, but thats why she has so much fun while doing it. Using flash for this photograph helped bring more light on her face while not lighting the background too. I think this shows her personality and shows who she is even if someone didn’t knowing her, they would understand parts of who she is.

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