Video Project Proposal



For this project I am going to make a short video. For this video I would like to do a love/journal like video. I want to make a video of what a girl would be saying and seeing in her head when she’s writing in a journal  and thinking. I will use a voice over through the whole video and have different scenes playing though in, making it into a story line. I will also find background music playing very softly that will go along with what the mood of the story is at that time.

I will need to contact a couple that would like to be apart of this short documentary and I will need to prepare all my equipment as well as the scenes I will want to have within this documentary. I need to layout the storyline and talk to my models about what they are comfortable doing and not doing within this film. The equipment that I need ready is my camera, batteries, memories cards, tripod, and make sure my lens are clean and ready to go.


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