Alt Process Research Proposal

For this research paper and presentation I will be focusing on two contemporary artists that also work with alternative processes and that are working with portraits. These two photographers Harry Taylor and Kristen Hatgi.

Harry Taylor works with wet plates and portraits. He is a Fine Art and Commercial Photographer photographer  who works  with contemporary methods, and Harry works in
the Wet Plate Collodion process, featuring lifestyle, fashion, people, and places. I think that looking through his photographs connect with some of my ideas that I have been working with this semester.

Kristen Hatgi also works with the Wet Plate Collodion process. Her portraits are so simple and romantic.  She likes the handmade qualities of the fingerprints and pour marks, and the unpredictable chemical stains. She’s says that “Along with using a very short depth of field, the graphic qualities of collodion simplify shapes, while not losing detail. Wet plates are unique objects, like paintings. I find the process of making and shooting a plate to be relaxing and enjoyable. It takes about fifteen to twenty minutes to shoot each plate with coating, soaking, setting up a shot, shooting, developing, fixing, washing and then afterward scanning and varnishing.”  This makes her really slow down and make each image count.

Although I am not working with Wet Plate Collodion prints, there work connects to my though imagery, and the fact that they use simple portraiture to show beauty and look at every detail of the images to try and make everything perfect for commercial work.

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