Final Project Proposal

For this documentary I will be focusing on my grandmas life story and how she came to live in America. I want to focus on my grandma because of all the events she has been through and it would be nice to have and share a video of her story with my family. My grandma means a lot to me and She was born and raised in Denmark and she was there with the war was going on, so she has seen and been through a lot and I want to document her story for others to see and listen to.

Some specific locations that I will be shooting in is the living room of my grandparents home as well as the kitchen and dinning room. These are all family rooms and where my grandma feels most comfortable. I will be able to have her relaxed and be able to tell her story in a location she feels comfortable in.

So the story line will be her telling us her maiden name in danish and then in english as well as who her parents are and her siblings names. Im going to have footage of her pointing to photographs in a phonebook of her siblings as well as her parents and I’m going to have her go on from her childhood to when and where she met my grandpa and to how he asked her to be his wife, to moving to america to having this family that has expanded and now she has 9 grandchildren who I will have in clips of at my grandparents with the whole family there.

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