Video Inspiration Artist

Jacquelyn Daley Parnell<-Link


Jacquelyn Daley Parnell is a lifestyle cinematographer/wedding and promotional event cinematography out of Rochester NY. She’s focused on all detail and captures the fun and happy moments of families in her lifestyle videos. With this video project the video above is similar to what I want to do with my project, She has videos of the couple outside and being intimate and spending time with each other and then she has the interview and voiceovers of more Broll footage. The interview has them reacting to each others responses and I think for this project it will be fun and interesting to see how they react to each other since they are a new and young couple I’m filming.

I chose this video because of how crisp and how the transitions flow, she’s very professional and I think she’s very talented at what she does. The motivation and purpose of this video is to show who the couple is and to hear about their love story. Her technique in filming is she shoots through a lot of things as well as getting close shots and have them move in and out of the frame making it feel more home movieish while still being professional looking. I chose this because its sort of the path I wanted to try for this project, including interviews while still having just Broll of what makes their relationship interesting and demonstrate who they are individually as well as who they are together.

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