Photo in the News

Farm-to-hotel: 10 resorts that grow their own food<- link


Article By: Allison Tibaldi

Photographers unknown

This article is about hotel and resorts that have their own gardens. It’s not just happening at hotels located near fields with room for big gardens and fields, Urban properties like Crosby Street are getting into it as well with vertical, raised and rooftop gardens. These 10 hotels are upping the freshness ante, hoping guests will appreciate the quality of house-grown vegetables and their lighter carbon footprints stated in the article. There 10 hotels are The Lodge at Woodloch, Hawley, Pennsylvania, Blackberry Farm, Walland, Tennessee, Crosby Street Hotel, New York, Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort, Florida, Congress Hall, Cape May, New Jersey, Woodstock Inn & Resort, Vermont, Fairmont San Francisco, California, Chablé Resort and Spa, Chochola, Yucatan, Mexico, Petit St. Vincent, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Nita Lake Lodge, Whistler, British Columbia. Each of these hotel and resorts have their own unique home grown specialty that makes them stand out from others.

I believe that these photographs help show the uniqueness of these places and shows what these hotel and resorts have to offer that others don’t. These photographs help market the company and show the uniqueness of the company to their competitors as well as to their marketers. It gives them a leg up because stye are healthy and growing and creating their own food to serve to their customers. Without these photographs you wouldn’t be able to see the freshness and how the gardens are set up with the different surrounding areas and the different ways to have a garden for a hotel/resort.


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