Video Project Summary

Jordan and Travis<-Link

In this 3-5 minute video story I captured a new relationship that started at Cazenovia College. I did an interview with the couple of how they started dating and what about each other that they fell in love with. For the Broll footage I got them interacting with each other at the lake as well as in the interview when they were just being them in their own little world. For the background music I had Jordan the girl in the story sing and play the piano so there are clip in the beginning of her playing and singing.

I chose this particular story because I wanted to work on a love story and to really work on my camera movements and transitions into one clip and onto another. I see a lot of wedding videos from being a second shooter at weddings and I wanted to see how it worked. I also want to practice for my final documentary project which is the life story of my grandma, and I thought it would be helpful to know more about camera movements and interactions between people and how to capture that integration. Overall I think I did pretty well with my camera movements and creating interactions, but I need to work on audio more, there is noises that happen that I don’t like and I would like to work on editing a little more to make the video more smooth along with the audio.

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