Inspiration for Final Documentary

My Favorite Picture of You


In this documentary I really like how they filmed and how they put their clips together and using old family films. I like the voice over of the two main people and how they reflected back on their lives. They found some really cool old footage and I like how they found old photographs too and zoomed in on her after showing the whole photograph. They also explain a lot and show the photographs of what they were talking about. I like the voice over, but I would like to see who she is now and get a whole story about them

I chose this because of the uniqueness and the different techniques they used throughout the video. I like how they incorporated old photographs and of home movies. I would like to see if I am capable of using some of those as well. Watching this film I was able to see some techniques they used as well as how they transitioned their way through the film, having lots of short clips all in a row to show a time period that has passed as well as whats going on around them. I want more recent footage of my grandma as well as her whole life story instead of asking specific things about if she remembered what because I wouldn’t know that, I want to know her whole story and she still remembers every detail of it and It would be nice to have and share with the family.

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